Our Kindergarten belongs to our Community

In 1996, after many years of being Council operated, the Kindergarten was placed under parent Committee of Management.
Each year the Kindergarten is governed by a Committee made up of parents who work closely with staff to manage the Centre and plan for our future.  The partnership with parents in the running of the Kindergarten helps connect us to our community and ensures the views and values of families and children are always considered when making decisions. 

Our Committee

10 positions currently held by the following parents:

President: Rowena Treseder
Vice-President: Sophie Fetterplace
Secretary: Simone Rouse
Treasurer: Thomas Fischer
General Member / Communications: Miranda Schuppan
General Member / Environment: Lucy Wilk
General Member / Fundraising & Social Coordinator: Caja Gilbert
General Member / Quality Position Vacant
General Member / Wellbeing & OH&S: Louisa Corke
General Member: Position Vacant

Committee members are elected from the parent community each year at the AGM held in November.  Each position is nominated and seconded every year. All positions are voluntary and rely on parents' commitment.

Our Group Reps

Our sense of community is supported by the wonderful work of our Group Reps who organise social activities and "catch up" opportunities for families attending the Kinder.

Our representatives from the four Kindergarten groups are:

Group Rep 3 yr old Koalas: Kirsty O'L
Group Rep 3 yr old Wallabies: Belinda C
Group Rep 4 yr old Kangaroos: Kelly H & Antoinette F 
Group Rep 4 yr old Wombats: Sarah H, Vanita F, Corri M, Olivia J