Our Philosophy

Along the meandering path of childhood, children find beauty and joy in great and small things. In childhood, children become aware of the wonder of life and the incredible marvel of being human.

In the presence of others, among gentle, smiling people, children discover lovely surprises each day. To grow in empathy and be a happy, caring human being, a child needs time and space to play.  

Children are at the centre of their learning, discovering the pleasure of independence through encounters with others in supportive, respectful environments. Learning takes place when ideas, concepts and theories are shared. We celebrate the environment as a "third teacher" responsive to children's interests and strengths. We celebrate the beauty in our natural world and seek to provide a learning environment that supports the health and wellbeing of our planet and all who come in contact with our service.

To clearly see, to absolutely hear, to truly feel, children need clarity, acceptance and generosity from their teachers and families. Children grow upward and outward through action and joy towards friendship, happiness and the discovery of the unknown.

At Albert Park Preschool we believe:

Young children learn best through play, that play is life and life is learning.

Children learn when they are free to explore, to make choices, to extend and develop interests and construct their own identities and understandings of the world.

Children are motivated to learn when they and their families are accepted, respected and celebrated.

Children learn best when they feel valued socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Children develop positive dispositions towards learning through supportive and collaborative interactions with adults and peers, where teachers and children are researchers and learners alongside each other.

Creativity emerges when children are given the time and space to freely explore the world around them in an atmosphere of mutual trust.

We are all interconnected with Nature and our youngest citizens can, and do, play a key role in shaping a happy, healthy, sustainable future for our community.  

Our view of the child

We view the child as a loving, capable and competent individual seeking understanding of the world and their place in it.

We see all children as individuals capable of devising creative ways of knowing, understanding and making connections and meaning.

We see every child as a unique identity dependent on relationships and a sense of belonging to others. 

Our hope for the future

We hope for an Australian future of compassionate and educated citizens who have equal opportunities to
contribute to and engage happily with all facets of life.

We hope that all children develop a lifelong love of learning and that they will be curious, optimistic, and resilient into adulthood.

We hope to develop in all children a strong sense of identity, wellbeing, and a sense of belonging to a diverse community.

We hope to keep our promise to Bunjil - the creator deity of the Boonwurrung - to care for the children and Country.

We hope to maintain our deep connection with our local community as a little Kindergarten with a big heart.

We hope our values of celebration, collaboration, community, compassion and curiosity, are visible in everything we do.