"A policy is an agreed set of decisions with a common purpose that provides information about what we do, what we don't do, and in some cases, what we cannot do."
Source: ELAA (formerly KPV) PolicyWorks

At Albert Park Pre-School, our Philosophy is our guide and our Policy Manual outlines what families can expect from us. Our Policies are regularly reviewed and updated in consultation with families and we provide them here below for easy reference.

Our Mission Statement

The Albert Park Pre-School Centre Inc is committed to providing a quality Kindergarten program which meets the needs of our children and their families.

We believe that our Kindergarten is a unique and individual place. We, therefore, deem it important to preserve the individuality of all children both for their own happiness and for what they can contribute to society. 

Our Policy Manual

The Albert Park Pre-School Centre Committee of Management originally adopted a Policy Manual at its AGM held 4 March 1998. All Policies are subject to ongoing review.


Statement of Purpose

Our Philosophy 

Our Health Charter (Formally adopted 2016)

Early Childhood Australia Code of Ethics (Revised 2016)

Our Family Code of Conduct  (Updated 2014)

Area 1: Educational Program & Practice

Curriculum Development Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Inclusion & Equity Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Area 2: Children's Health and Safety

Acceptance & Refusal of Authorisations Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Child Safe Environment Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Delivery and Collection of Children Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Emergency Management and Evacuation Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Excursions & Service Events Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Hygiene Policy (Under revised NQF review)

Nutrition and Active Play Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Relaxation and Sleep Policy (Under revised NQF review)

Road Safety and Safe Transport Policy (Under revised NQF review)

Sun Protection Policy * (Updated with the support of the Cancer Council |Under revised NQF review )

Supervision of Children Policy (Under revised NQF review)

Water Safety Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Management of Medical Conditions

Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

- Anaphylaxis Policy (Source: Education Department | Under revised NQF review)

- Asthma Policy (Source: ELAA in association with Asthma Australia | Under revised NQF review)

Administration of First Aid Policy (Under revised NQF review)

Administration of Medication Policy (Under revised NQF review)

Incident, Injury, Trauma & Illness Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Dealing with Infectious Diseases Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Area 3: Physical Environment

Environmental Sustainability Policy

Occupational Health & Safety Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Area 4: Staffing Arrangements

Staffing Policy *  (Under revised NQF review)

Code of Conduct Policy *  (Under revised NQF review)

Determining the Responsible Person Present Policy *  (Under revised NQF review)

Participation of Volunteers & Students Policy * (Under revised NQF review)*

Area 5: Relationships with Children

Interactions with Children Policy * (Under revised NQF review

Area 6: Collaborative Partnerships with Familes & Communities

Enrolment & Orientation Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Wellbeing for All (in development)

Area 7: Governance and Leadership:

Governance & Management Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Complaints & Grievances Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Fees Policy * (Under revised NQF review)

Privacy & Confidentiality Policy * (Under revised NQF review


Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 Amended 2017

Education and Care Services National Regulations 2011 Amended 2017

The National Quality Standard Revised 2017 effective 1 Feb 2018

Our program development is guided by the Victorian Early Years Learning & Development Framework (VEYLDF) as revised in 2016, and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).  An information guide for families regarding EYLF is available for download at the following link:

Information for Families: Belonging Being and Becoming - The EYLF for Australia

School Exclusion Table References the minimum period of exclusion from schools and children's services centres for infectious diseases cases and contacts